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Feng Li - Golden Time (Regular Edition)
  • Feng Li - Golden Time (Regular Edition)
  • Feng Li - Golden Time (Regular Edition)
  • Feng Li - Golden Time (Regular Edition)
  • Feng Li - Golden Time (Regular Edition)

Feng Li - Golden Time (Regular Edition)

48,00 €Preis
Expected to ship from December 31

Published by: T&M Projects

Produced by: Fake Magazine & Fotografiska Shanghai

Size: 220mm * 305mm

Binding: Hardcover (Regular Edition)

Pages: 120 pages, including 96 images

Book Information

After finishing intense shooting work in Tokyo, I returned to Chengdu. While scrolling through short videos on WeChat one day, I saw a place not far from my home called "Golden Time," where many people were dancing wildly. Driven by curiosity, I decided to go and take a look.

It's a wild area under the airport overpass, and every evening from 7 to 9, local villagers would spontaneously gather there to dance. It's a wild space, and besides the dancing crowd, there were food stalls, a children's playground – much like the festive temple fairs in the countryside during my childhood, full of joy and celebration.

After the spread of short videos on the internet, that place gradually became lively. At its peak, there were up to five or six thousand people bouncing together. During the hot summer evenings around 7 to 8, the lighting was perfect, and the golden glow of the setting sun spilled over everyone's faces.

Looking at the age of the dancers, most of them were in the twilight of their lives. However, in the hot summer, they could dance continuously for two to three hours without stopping. I was deeply moved by a certain sincere passion for life. I went there five times in a week, capturing the moments when they danced in the dusk. Later, they moved the dance location, and luckily, I had captured the moments of that ecstatic life. — Feng Li

In the design of this book, we followed the author's suggestion to minimize the text and focus on presenting the images. For example, for the book title "Golden Time," we believed that the tension of gold and the chaotic reflections should appear on the paper. Therefore, we used the technique of five-color printing. In addition to the standard four-color printing, we included a special gold color, breaking the color limitations of typical printed materials. The sunset, the golden beach, and the faces illuminated by the twilight rays were all restored to their original appearance. — Excerpt from the publisher's statement

书名: 《黄金滩》


出版方: T&M 项目


制作方: Fake 杂志 & Fotografiska 上海


尺寸: 220毫米 * 305毫米


装订: 硬面布质装订


页数: 共120页,包括96张图片










看着舞者们的年龄,他们大多处在生命的黄昏时期。然而,在炎热的夏季,他们可以连续跳舞两三个小时而不休息。我被一种对生活的真诚激情深深打动了。我一周去了五次,记录了他们在黄昏中跳舞的时刻。后来,他们搬迁了舞蹈地点,而幸运的是,我记录下了那种狂喜生活的时刻。 — 冯立


在这本书的设计中,我们遵循了作者的建议,尽量减少文字,专注于呈现图片。例如,对于书名“黄金滩”,我们相信金色的张力和混乱的反射应该出现在纸上。因此,我们采用了五色印刷技术。除了标准的四色印刷外,我们还加入了特殊的金色,突破了典型印刷材料的色彩限制。日落、金色沙滩和被黄昏余晖照亮的脸庞都得到了原貌的恢复。 — 出版社声明摘录

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