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  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME
  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME
  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME
  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME
  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME
  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME
  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME
  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME
  • Feng Li - OCEAN FLAME


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After the revision in 2020, Lonely Library began to invite photographers and artists to create some content and try to build a communication platform about vision. There is a regular column every week about images. This column may be about a moment, a story told by a photographer, or a remote corner of the world. Through these images, we observe and connect the current life. In addition to the contents of the official account, Lonely Library also created the "artist residence program". Every year, we invite several artists to Anaya, hoping to provide artists with a creative space and a multi-cultural community. Artist Feng Li often travels all over the world. In May this year, he participated in the Chinese Mainland resident plan for the first time. At the end of that month, he participated in the Anaya Electronic Music Festival and Drama Festival. Feng Li had an extremely excited three weeks. You can see his creation with high intensity and sensitivity in almost every corner of the park. He seems to be in a frenzy. Soon after completing the residence, Feng Li sent me more than 400 drawings. I was shocked. You can't imagine that these photos were taken only in three weeks. The intensity and density of the photos are very high. Later, we selected more than 70 photos and posted them on the official account.

Resident plan: I almost died in Anaya and almost bought a house!

However, the display of this group of photos on wechat official account is far from enough to convey Feng Li's feelings. Now, we have made these photos into a book. I hope readers can have a more intuitive and comprehensive experience of Feng Li's photography through this book.


Author: Feng Li

Editor: Zhu Mo

Design: Chen Sijia

Publication: Lonely Library

Year: 2021

Size: 210 x 270 x 30 mm

264 Pages

130 Pictures


The usual shipping costs within Germany up to 5kg apply. Large formats and bulky goods will be charged separately. For an estimate of shipping costs outside of Germany, please contact us directly.













尺寸:210 x 270 x 30 毫米

页数:264 页

图片数量:130 张



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