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Lin Zhipeng (NO. 223) - Boys Boys Boys Catalogue
  • Lin Zhipeng (NO. 223) - Boys Boys Boys Catalogue
  • Lin Zhipeng (NO. 223) - Boys Boys Boys Catalogue
  • Lin Zhipeng (NO. 223) - Boys Boys Boys Catalogue

Lin Zhipeng (NO. 223) - Boys Boys Boys Catalogue

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Lin Zhipeng's series "Boys Boys Boys" is a poetic journey of art. His photography captures the often-forgotten or overlooked emotional states and fleeting moments of life. Through his unique perspective and perceptive eye, viewers are transported into a whole new realm of emotions.The series exudes emotional tension and delves deeply into themes of vulnerability, desire, and intimacy. In each image, there seems to be a resonance with our own inner selves, as if these visuals are narrating the stories within each of us.


He's photographic art skillfully employs the interplay of light, composition, and color to infuse each photo with profound symbolic meaning. Every piece feels like a metaphor, inviting contemplation. It goes beyond a mere documentation of reality; it's a collision of emotion and soul. His photographs not only portray various facets of life but also express a sensibility, an exploration of emotions and inner worlds.


Lin Zhipeng (NO. 223) is one of the representatives of the new generation of Chinese photography, his work is filled with poetic charm, emotional tension, and unique insights and expressions of queer culture, which have garnered him long-standing international attention. His photography captures forgotten or overlooked characters, emotional states, urban fringe scenes, and moments of everyday life. His distinctive use of lighting, composition, and color endows his photos with symbolic significance that transcends the subjects themselves. This is more than just documentary-style shooting and capturing of life; it’s also a vehicle for emotions and reflections, embodying his striking personal style.


Catalogue for Lin Zhipeng’s Solo Exhibition organized in Berlin, 2023

Organized by Migrant Bird Space Berlin

MBS Summer Project Curated by Lu Mei


Edited by Lu Mei 

Artist: Lin Zhipeng aka NO. 223, showcasing 22 images

Book Design: Camilla Dal Cero

Edition: 200 copies






林志鹏(NO. 223)是中国新一代摄影代表之一,他的作品充满了诗意魅力、情感张力和独特的酷儿文化见解和表达,长期以来受到国际关注。他的摄影捕捉了被遗忘或忽视的人物、情感状态、城市边缘场景和日常生活的片段。他独特的光影、构图和色彩运用赋予了他的照片超越主题本身的象征意义。这不仅仅是对现实生活的记录;它也是情感和思考的载体,体现了他鲜明的个人风格。


林志鹏(NO. 223)的个人展览目录,2023年在柏林举办

由Migrant Bird Space Berlin组织




艺术家:林志鹏,别名NO. 223,展出22张照片



    ©️ Migrant Bird Space

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