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Gao Yutao - Venus
  • Gao Yutao - Venus

Gao Yutao - Venus

Preisab 2.300,00 €

Artist: Gao, Yutao

Title: Venus, 2017



Dimensions: 65*46cm




Dimensions: 144*103cm




Dimensions: 205*142cm



Material: Fine Art Print and diasec


Material: Fine Art Print and diasec


In the division of the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional space, where the time flows, I believe, there must be an indescribable new world. It likes the a adjacent land is cut off by a deep river. You see both side of banks clearly. But the only deep river, who supplies the nutrition to both banks, stimulates your curiosity to explore it.

- Gao Yu Tao


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